The Problem

       There is one common enemy that everyone in this world has that needs to be fought, and that enemy is global warming. Now some may call it a scam, or a theory, but it is something that is proved by the obvious signs that surround us. There is an increase in global temperature, loss of cleanliness in our air, changes in our habitats, and there is a hole in our ozone layer proving that pollution is the cause of us humans. This is a problem that we are getting ourselves deeper and deeper into, instead of trying to climb our way out. However, we cannot fight this enemy alone. We all have to work together to be able to defeat this enemy, before it destroys us. One of the ways to defeat global warming is to be able to change our fuel source we use. Our emissions of fossil fuels into the air is scientifically the biggest cause to global warming and we must stop it before the effects are too high of a risk to us. This website will give the different options one has to have a renewable energy source to help save our planet for the future generations to come.

If you have any concerns or questions about the website, global warming, or any of the bio-fuels listed feel free to contact me:

Name: Connor Burton

E-mail: ConnorBurton16@gmail.com

Teacher: Jason Brennan

School: Sheldon High School 

*This website is a compilation of information derived from numerous educational, news, and technological websites. 

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